Here’s what some of the Lowertown youth have to say:

Over the years I have attended programming, I have built some great relationships. I found the different programs to be welcoming and uplifting. We did so many things and learnt so much. Homework Club helped keep me on top of my classes, basketball taught me skills, and introduced me to new people. The Transitions program prepares you for the next step in your life which is high school. It does this by teaching us to be respectful and take things  seriously, and not be afraid to make mistakes.  – Suhaib, 15

“The programming has given me a place where I can go and feel safe…I have learnt good habits. [It] has given me the opportunity to learn from great role models. A lot of people in the community don’t have enough food; the programs I have gone to throughout the years have helped with that they even send some kids home with food. [It] has given me the opportunity to experience things I wouldn’t have got to otherwise. This past summer I had the opportunity to work for the summer camp and do things with the kids that I got to do when I was younger.”  – Ryan, 15

“When I was younger, I always used to say: ‘I want to be a Club 310 staff when I grow up!” Tyshon, 14

I have been living in Lowertown for 11 years and have been to Club 310, summer camp and March Break camp. I have made a lot of friends and I will cherish those memories. The experiences I had were life-changing in such a positive way. I hope future children in Lowertown will have similar experiences that I had when I was a young child.”  – Darya, 14

Please support our important work. Support residents, families and youth. Support Lowertown! I SUPPORT MY NEIGHBOURS AND MY COMMUNITY. I GIVE TO THE LCRC!

To read more, here is our bilingual 2021-2022 Campaign letter :

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