Community Activities

Our Community Development program supports community based groups and organizations, engagement in social action, and the identification of community needs and future project development.

Community Development

The activities in the community development program at the LCRC are consistent with the principles of:

  • Support for empowerment
  • Listening to the community
  • Transformational practice
  • Partnership and collaboration

These four principles form the basis of community development work and translate into various activities carried out by the Lowertown Community Resource Centre for the benefit of the Lowertown residents and which meet their priority needs.

Current projects:

  • The creation of the network of Lowertown gardeners: a network that is being set up by a collaboration between the LCRC, the Michaelle Jean foundation of the University of Ottawa, the TD Leaders program in environment, as well as members of community gardens as well as various community partners;
  • Free tax clinics to help low-income residents complete their tax returns. For this, community members will start to call to make an appointment from February 3, 2020.
  • our big annual community celebration called Lowertown Celebration / Basse-Ville en fĂȘte will take place this year on May 30. An event that brings together residents of the Lower Town around several family, sporting and artistic activities. An opportunity to socialize and use the common space, Jules Morin Park. An opportunity to volunteer by supporting activities in favor of one’s community.
  • Provincial by-elections are soon to take place in the riding of Ottawa-Vanier. The LCRC will collaborate with the residents’ association, as well as other partners organize a meeting with the candidates. An opportunity to listen to them and ask questions.

Contact Alain, our Community Development Agent if you have any questions or require more information. He is ready to meet with any and all residents to share on ideas for initiatives that they would like to carry out in our neighborhood. You can reach him at: 613-789-3930, ext: 314

Community Gardens

Beginning each spring, people interested in gardening come together to work in the community gardens. From planting to harvesting, the people meet and work together to do the tasks needed in order to get a bountiful garden.

Income Tax Clinics

Every year, every Tuesday night from February to April, the LCRC offers income tax clinics where low-income people can have their tax forms filled by volunteers free of charge.

Lowertown World Music Evenings

A free, fun-filled evening of activities and performances celebrating our community diversity through music.

Lowertown Celebration

In collaboration with community partners, this annual Celebration in the Jules Morin Park includes a BBQ, activities for children, music, performances and an opportunity to come together.