“In 2015, I very badly needed help with my kids. I had been sick and had stayed home with my kids for the past 6 years. I was looking for help and went to seven places, not finding anyone who would help me. I went to the Lowertown Community Resource Centre where I found Marie-Christine at the front desk. After explaining my situation, she said ‘You came to the right place, we will help you’.

Steve, [Manager of Children and Youth Programs], contacted me and we set up an appointment with the kids. That very day Steve told me to ‘go take a break, go anywhere.’ I registered my kids in summer camp on the spot and I went out to drop off resumes. At the last place I went, I was offered a job and started that very day! I am still working there now.

The Centre gave me my life back! The LCRC gave me the support to stand on my own. The staff at the resource centre stood with me at school meetings, ensuring my kids felt supported in a school environment. Staff followed my eye condition ensuring I got the glasses I needed. When I see my kids happy, that builds me up.

My depression is gone. I can see. I can work. I feel confident. I feel safe. I owe all of this to the LCRC. The centre still supports me and helps me to this day. I am a strong tree with a lot of branches now!”