Dear Lowertown supporter,

“It’s not easy when you have to tell your friends this is where it’s at right now [using a food bank]. My son and I needed help, and the LCRC helped us a lot. I was born and raised here in Ottawa; I’ve worked hard and worn suits for 30 years. Well, life changes sometimes. We all have hurdles sometimes in life, physically and mentally, to get through. Words can’t express our gratitude for the services we’ve received.” – David, Lowertown resident

At the Lowertown Community Resource Centre (LCRC) food bank, visits have more than doubled in 5 years! 10 months into 2023 and we’ve already served 1,851 individuals – more than in all of 2022. Your donation to our Centre will enable us to help people like David.

At the LCRC, we offer much more than our food bank.

As Joséphine, a senior who has lived in the neighborhood for 10 years, tells us: “It really is a great place to live.” In partnership with other organizations serving this population, many of our services aim to break isolation and provide fun, positive experiences to strengthen the sense of community and belonging in Lowertown.

“It’s a beautiful thing when cultures mix. It nourishes us… we reach out to each other. Sports and dance bring us together and we get to know each other better… Everyone makes an effort to learn from each other. ”

And of course, there’s the youth! Whether it’s the 100+ children who attend our after-school program or our summer camp, or the young people who participate in our sports programs, we care deeply about their well-being by providing enriching opportunities and a healthy environment.

So that we can continue our work to improve the quality of life of Lowertown residents, we ask you to contribute to the LCRC. A monthly donation of $5 or $10 goes a long way.


Thank you kindly for your support!


Jolane T Lauzon (President of the Board of Directors)


Matt Beutel (Executive Director of the LCRC)


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