About Us

The LCRC has been offering a range of social and community services to individuals and families residing in Lowertown East and West since 1970.

Our catchment area is: Sussex Parkway (West) to St Patrick (North) to Vanier Parkway (East) to Rideau Street (South). We aim to be a helping hand, when it is needed, for all members of our community.

The LCRC is a non-profit organization with a Board of Directors whose members are elected by Lowertown residents.

The LCRC is part of a coalition of 13 community resource and health centres which serve the Ottawa area. To find out which one covers your area of the city, visit the Web site of the Coalition of Community Health and Resource Centres.


The Lowertown Community Resource Centre (LCRC) offers free social services and support to residents in our community, in all their diversity, to improve their quality of life.


A Centre that residents know, identify with and engage in.


  • Inclusion
  • Empowerment
  • Mutual Help
  • Respect
  • Wellness

Our existing services and programs have been responding to the needs of Lowertown residents for many years now. They are the solid foundation that allows us to add innovative new projects. Our devoted, professional and above all compassionate and solution-oriented team make miracles with relatively little.

Matthew Beutel • Executive Director

We Believe in Community Engagement

Interested in giving back to your community? New to Canada? Have volunteer/community engagement hours to complete before graduating from highschool? We have various volunteer opportunities available at different times of the year. Fill out this Volunteer Application Form to start the process. You can look through our current volunteer opportunities and see what inspires you and where there might be a match.

News & Media

Learn what has been happening in the community. Take a look at our latest presence in the media and our Newsletter.

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Participate in YOUR Community

At different times of the year we have various volunteer needs and placements. Please fill out the application form if you have some time and a desire to contribut to your community. There are also 2 resident groups (Lowertown East Residents Commitee and the Lowertown Community Association) that are always encouraging new community members to attend the monthly meetings and share their perspectives.

Our Partners

A BIG Thank You to all our funders and community partners!